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What is the Residential Buyers Plan?

Are you searching for a canalhouse to buy in Amsterdam? Or would you prefer a family home in a suburban area? The realtors of 11 Makelaars Amsterdam * have developed a complete package of services to help you achieve this at the best price and with the most favourable conditions.
The Residential Buyers Plan is a fixed fee plan, regardless of the value of the property. A plan that takes your worries away during the entire purchase process.  Our specialist realtors are trained and listed by/with the Dutch branche organisation NVM and fluent in English. They pay close attention on the purchase process in order to keep your legal risks minimized. You can rely on the experience and knowledge of our independent real-estate agents. They know their way with building inspectors, appraisers and notary offices.

Buying a Residential Home in the Netherlands

Searching for and buying your new property can be an exciting experience with a lot of  important aspects to take into consideration. Amongst other very important things are the way to find the property you wish to purchase, the best financial advise, technical surveys and price negotiations. Our experts will guide you through all the legal side of property purchase and most importantly you are guaranteed not to pay to much for the property.

Step 1: Find your Dream Home! 

You can choose to search for a suitable property yourself or request the assistance from one  of our experienced real-estate agents.  A intake and inventory of your demands and requirements, can take place in the office of 11 Makelaars, or a meeting point elsewhere. Together will build a plan in the search to acquiring the property meeting all your required specifications.

Step 2: Professional Residential advice / Houseviewing

Once you have found a Residential, the real-estate agent contacts you to view the property together. During the visit there will be items discussed such as the neighbourhood, the layout of the property, the condition and a first valuation. . Additionally, the real-estate agent investigates:
  • Development plans;
  • Land registery;
  • The general building condition;
  • Leasehold vs. Privatly held ground;
  • Contamination (soil, asbestos);
  • The owners association in case of apartment building

Step 3: Expert Negotiation

Negotiating for a Residential home in the Netherlands can be stressfull. Obviously it is important that you feel you are paying the market conform price. Also important to take into consideration are the conditions under which you are buying the property. Take for example, negotiates regarding dissolvement clauses due to financial complications (not granted a mortgage). The real-estate agent advises you about the price, the conditions, the date of transfer and our experts will carry our negotiations on your behalf.


Step 4: Deed of Purchase

The real-estate agent ensures that the deal he made with the seller is secured in a legal deed of purchase. You need this by law, but also to apply for a mortgage. This contract includes things such as the conditions related to you being able to obtain finance. This would allow you to cancel the purchase if you can proove the seller that you cannot obtain a mortgage to buy the property. When this condition is not inlcuded in the contract, you cannot cancel the purchase and you could end up paying a fine of 10% of the buying price.
The deed of purchase in the Amsterdam area is made by a notary, and elsewhere by the sellers’ realtor. Our realtors make sure everything is legal on your behalf.
After the deed of purchase you contact your mortgage advisor and apply for the mortage. He or she requires a copy of the signed contract and an appraisal. In order to provide a mortgage, the bank must know the value of the property. An independent appraiser will determine this and provide you with detailed report of the appraisal.

Step 5: Deed of transfer / Notary

The final step of the buying proccess is the transfer of the property into your name. By Dutch law you need a notary. We contact a notary in you area that draws up the transfer deed and the mortgage deed ready fort he day of exchange. This is the day you put your signature on the final deeds, when the property becomes yours. The real-estate agent is also present to guide and assist you with the final inspection, prior to the transfer deed.

Fixed Fee Buyers Package 

The Residential Buyers Plan is a package designed to help you from A to Z.. From searching and visiting to negotiotions and ownership: we help you with every step of the process. We know exactly what you can (and need to) expect and construct the deal in your interest. You can be sure of expert and independent advice from the moment it is required.
Buying plans? We are ready for you.

What to expect from 11 Makelaars BV 

Our Real-estate offices are with the NVM. The largest and foremost branche organisation with sworn in agents and appraisors.  Our specialist expat agents have good knowledge of the are. He advises and guides you from start to finish: from visiting the house to legal matters.
He keeps in contact with your mortage advisor, ensures construction report if necessary, arranges independent  appraisal report  and supports/checks the notary. He accompanies you at the deed of purchase and the deed of transfer. In the language you prefer.



The Residential Buyers Plan is a complete package offered at a fixed price. Whatever the value of the property, you pay one amount for the full guidance for the purchase of your new Residential. The table below shows the cost of the standard and extended packages. The prices are including 21% VAT.


Residential Buyers Plan 

Standard                                                                                Extended

Real-estate agent  guidance during the purchase                  Full-service assistance in finding your
of a property you have found  yourself                                   Residential and guidance during the purchase
€ 3500 incl. VAT                                                                   € 4500 incl. VAT (€ 500 charged in advance)
More information?
Interested? Please contact 11 Makelaars Amsterdam – +31 (0)20-2050208.

If you have any questions, Please don't hesitate to contact one of our helpful staf. They are fluent in English and specialised in dealing with international clients.

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