Buying your dream home

Are you looking for a canal house in Amsterdam? Or would you rather buy a single-family home with a garden, just outside the city? The purchasing agents of 11 Makelaars Baerz & Co Amsterdam and Waterland have developed a total package of services to help purchase a home at the best price and at the most favorable conditions.

The purchasing services of our organization unburden you during the purchase process. In addition, our agents pay a lot of attention to the search & negotiation process. And we ensure correct contract work to minimize the legal risks. In addition, our clients benefit from the contacts that 11 Makelaars Baerz & Co has managed to build up in more than 30 years with building inspection services, mortgage advisors, appraisers, and notary offices.

Searching, finding, and buying your new dream home is fun! In 5 clear steps we help you find your new home.

Step 1: Finding your dream home

You can search for a suitable home yourself or ask for the help of one of our experienced NVM Brokers. An inventory of your housing wishes (and requirements) takes place during an intake interview at one of our offices or at a meeting point elsewhere. Together we make a plan to make the search for that one home successful.

Step 2: The viewing

As soon as we have found a house or apartment (or houseboat!) that interests you, you can contact your own 11 purchasing agent to make a viewing appointment. During the viewing, the location, the location of the house and the condition of the house is examined. In addition, your own 11 purchasing agent pays attention to matters such as:

  • Zoning plans
  • Land registry
  • Leasehold / own land
  • Environmental check (soil, asbestos)
  • Investigation into the association of owners (in the case of an apartment building)

In short: Professional purchase advice.

Step 3: Expert negotiations

Negotiating the purchase of a new home can be stressful. Of course, it is important that you feel good about the price for which you purchase the home. However, at least as important are the conditions under which you purchase the property. Take, for example, a dissolution clause because of not being able to get a mortgage. Our 11 Buying Agent will advise you on the price, the conditions, the date of transfer and our experts will carry out the negotiations on your behalf.

Step 4: (provisional) deed of sale

Your own 11 purchase broker ensures that the purchase with the selling party is converted into a deed of sale. This purchase deed is required by law, but also necessary for applying for a mortgage. The contract contains general and special conditions. And we pay close attention to that.

The deed of sale in our immediate working area (the Amsterdam region) is drawn up by a notary.  Elsewhere in the country, the selling broker usually does this. Our brokers know the ropes in both cases. After signing the provisional deed of sale, we also arrange the contacts and handling with the other parties who will work for you. Think, for example, of an appraiser, a structural engineer, or a mortgage advisor.

Step 5: Deed of transfer / notary

The final step in buying a home is the legal transfer of the house or apartment. According to Dutch law, this is done through the office of a notary. The notary draws up the deed of delivery (your title deed) and the mortgage deed. After signing this contract, you are the owner! But first we go with you to the house for a final inspection. We also assist you with advice and deeds in step 5.

Afspraak maken

fixed attractive rates

A 11 Buying Agent can engage you at fixed attractive rates. At 11 brokers I Baerz & Co this is always in package form. Nice and clear! From the search for your dream home to the negotiations and acquiring ownership of your new home: we help with every step of the process. You can be sure that we will give you expert and independent advice, during every step of the purchase process.


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