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Residential Sellers Plan for expats

Residential Sellers Plan © for Expats

Sell your house

If you want to sell your property, you are looking for a broker who understands his job, can make a personal connection and is reliable. Selling your house in Amsterdam or surroundings, you are welcome to meet 11 Makelaars, for the above reasons.
With more than 25 years of experience,  we can modestly say that we understand our profession. We Sell! Houses. (or your apartment or houseboat).

Our agents will see to it, that you will get the best adviser and a really personal customer journey.  The 11 Makelaars customers appreciate the services of 11 Makelaars with a 9,1 on largest housing website (Funda.nl) in the Netherlands! We are of course very proud of that.
Are you curious about our approach? Read more about our often unique services below, or come for a ‘gezellige’ cup of coffee to one of our offices.


Clear services & rates

The 11 Makelaars organisation, can clearly explain what sellers can expect from an experienced broker and that is special in the Dutch real estate industry. Our organization is open about its rates and you can make clear where we are an added value when selling or buying a house. The fee that a broker charges is called 'courtage' in professional jargon, but at 11 Makelaars we call it a 'success fee'. After all, you are calling upon a broker for his legal expertise, his marketing activities, network and ... results! Our experienced people are well aware of this and therefore assist you expertly with the aim of the best transaction on your behalf. In the Netherlands, the broker can only work for 1 party by law. (no split fees).


The Residential Sellers Plan provided by 11 Makelaars consists of 3 active services.

Do you want to know what a NVM broker can for you? Or would you appreciate an explanation about our active approach when selling your house? Feel free to call our team at +31-20.2050208 and we will give you a first advice on the phone. Would you rather like to make a first appointment at your home? You will get a free valuation of your house and  a clear explanation of our 3 services.

We hope to see you soon!

No cure no pay

Working on a No Cure - No Pay basis is a no-brainer within  the 11 Makelaars team.

Achieving results deeply embedded in the DNA of our organization. Our slogan 'We Sell! Houses.’ Is a promise to you. And that is why we work on a no cure - no pay basis. Our rates (or success fee, as we call it) are result-dependent.

You also know in advance what the fee is, with our clear rates. Rates that you can find on our website. That is still very special in the Dutch market: a professional brokerage company that publishes their rates is a rarity.

Sales Action Plan ©

Our sales team offers 3 active sales services. With 11 Makelaars you have a choice. The basis of every sales service is the Sales Action Plan © of 11 Makelaars, active NVM brokers.

The sales service gives you the opportunity to choose which parts of the sale you wish to carry out yourself and which items you hand over to 11 Makelaars.

Are you considering selling your house? 

During the first (free) visit at your home, you will receive:

• Clear explanation of our services
• Free valuation of your home
• Realistic asking price advice
• Discussion Sales Action Plan ©
• Extensive and handy sales folder
• Consultation: your questions - our knowledge and network

A number of marketing activities that are discussed in the Sales Action Plan © are:
• Tips and advices to make your home ready for the market
• Photography and commercial sales texts
• Striking for sale - plate
• Use QR codes and mobile website
• D2D mailings
• Extensive internet strategy, including Funda.nl
• (national) Open House Day’s
• Advertisement (newspaper, magazines) advise
• Deployment of social media (twitter, facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn)
• Full color home brochure
• Database buyers’ listing 11 Makelaars
• National exchange platform NVM brokers
• Window presentation in our offices
• 2D / 3D floor plans
• 360 degree photography / video
• (Drone) video
• Virtual tour on Funda

Funda.nl is the most important website when it comes to presenting houses and apartments for sale. To be able to present your property on Funda.nl you need a register broker who is affiliated with a branch organization such as the Dutch Association of Estate Agents (NVM). The presentation includes a features overview, a description, photo presence and can also be provided with supplied floor plans or extra services such as video, 360 degree photography.

11 Brokers provides commercial sales photos and a promotional sales text as part of the placement on Funda.nl.
From that moment on you can easily be found for house hunters on the Funda website. Of course, the home seekers can find your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the website itself, but your home will also be findable for those who have registered (free of charge) on the Funda website.


Free appraisal of your home

11 Makelaars are certified NVM register brokers and (bank-)appraisers. With our expertise and experience we can accurately determine the real value of your home. This is done with the usage of a NVM market scan. This is a free service from 11 Makelaars. The free apparaisal of your house is carried out by one of our certified appraiser.


Certified MVA Expat Broker

Many expats start their search in Amsterdam, but eventually settle somewhere else in the Metropolitan area. The recent example of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) concerns 900 families who almost all start looking in Amsterdam, but in the next year and a half, many of them will settle in a different municipality in the area surrounding the capital. A similar amount of families, involved in businesses in a related sector, will start looking for housing in this area in the slipstream of the EMA.

At the request of the Municipality of Amsterdam, Makelaarsvereniging Amsterdam started certifying specialised expat brokers a few years ago. The reason for this was the proliferation of small agencies dealing with housing, who more often than not engaged in dubious practices: rental contracts with legally prohibited provisions, taking out the rent and deposit at an ATM, key money at the start of contracts, contract costs, withholding deposits; all things that don’t fit with the way you would want expats to be introduced to Amsterdam.

MVA Certified Expat Broker is a partner of IN Amsterdam (formerly known as Expatcenter Amsterdam), and housing partner of the EMA. MVA Certified Expat Broker is the only certified party when it comes to housing expats, and as a partnership, it has a market share of 90% in the Amsterdam area.

MVA Certified Expat Brokers are specialists in providing expatriates with the best possible service when looking for a home either to rent or buy in our historic city. The MVA or Makelaarsvereniging Amsterdam (Amsterdam Real Estate Brokers Association) is the professional organisation for estate agents active in the Amsterdam metropolitan area.

The MVA was established in 1877 and currently constitutes around 600 brokers. Besides representing the interests of the estate agents affiliated with us, we systematically provide our agents with up-to-date and relevant information around the constantly developing real estate world. 

We are housing partner of IN Amsterdam (formerly Expatcenter Amsterdam)



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