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A 11 Buying Agent can engage you at fixed attractive rates. At 11 brokers I Baerz & Co this is always in package form. Nice and clear!

For the buying service of 11 Makelaars Baerz & Co Amsterdam and Waterland, fixed rates apply with a success fee structure:

In order to ensure the lowest purchase price of your new home, we charge - in addition to this fixed rate - a success fee of 11% including 21% VAT on the result negotiated by us below the asking price.

You only have to pay our success fee at the time of the notarial transfer. On the invoice at the notary, you will see our invoice. We work on a no cure no pay base!

For a purchase price up
to € 800.000,- the rate is

€ 4.500,- including 21% VAT

For a purchase price from
€ 800.000,- the rate is

€ 7.250,- including 21% VAT


11 Makelaars Baerz & Co knows finds a house for you and negotiates the asking price of € 375.000,- k.k. down to € 365.000,- k.k.

The success fee will be the fixed rate of € 4.500,- + € 1.100,- (11% of € 10.000,-) = € 5.600,- including VAT


11 Makelaars Baerz & Co helps you with the purchase of a home with an asking price of € 1.150.000,-. You decide to pay the asking price.

The success fee will only be the fixed rate of € 7.250,- including VAT

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